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Limited or no connectivity to "audiobox usb on"

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asked Jun 19, 2018 in AudioBox USB by mikeblchlinger (200 points)

Hey there,

I get repeatedly get the follow error popping up.

Funny this is, the sound works. Even the the popup comes up there is the win alert sound just fine.

I think this is coming up since a major update/patch on WIN10 but can't tell for sure.

I tried to use different cables, USB ports and to reinstall the driver.

I am using the same system configuration for a long time and it always worked so far.

Could this be a HW issue?

Any ideas?

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answered Aug 27, 2018 by mikeblchlinger (200 points)
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This worked for me:

Unplug audio interface

uninstall driver


install latest driver / universal control

replug audio interface

Note that it only work with unplugging usb. Tried reinstalling driver without unplugging first and didn't work.
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answered Jun 24, 2018 by danieldolecki (150 points)
I'm getting the same issue with my Quantum 2, just at a different address.
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answered Aug 27, 2018 by justincoub (150 points)
Hi, Do you still have the problem?

I'm on Win 10, 64 bits, Intel core duo 5, I have uploaded the last version of the driver (universal control).

I've the same issue you mention. So I've uninstalled the driver, and reinstalled according to a post I saw on this forum.

Meanwhile I've added an exception on my firewall.

Still have the same issue with this message. Moreover, my computer is seriously slowing down, like it was way too busy. Looking at the performance, I dont see any overcharge.

I'm pretty sure it comes from the driver, because when i use Asio4all, I don't have any problem.