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Solved - remote won't connect with Android devices ("Error: cannot connect to this version of studio one")

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asked Jun 29, 2018 in Studio One 3 by aka_busker (32,890 points)
edited Jul 5, 2018 by aka_busker

UPDATE - SOLUTION 07-05-2018

The issue for me was solved by making sure my Windows network was correctly allocated.  After re-installation of windows, it listed my home network as a public network not as a Private network.  Changing my network to an appropriately Private setting allowed me to connect my app and computer without the error message "cannot connect to this version of Studio One".  

Brief description of problem before I found the solution: - I have been trying for a few days, without success to connect both my Galaxy Tab a 7" (android 5.1.1) and my S8 (android 8.0.0) to my Windows Ten Pro, running studio one V3 (latest May build).

I visited the troubleshooting  page, followed the instructions still no connection.  Previously I had connected a Samsung A3 (running android 6.0) with no issues.  

I have tried a re-installation cycle studio one, no change.  The app is running fine on the devices and there is no connection made.  

Relevant hardware:-

Windows 10 pro x64 build 1803,

i7-3770 3.4 Ghz


Studio one v3 (May 2018 build)

Universal control software (May 9th build) connecting Audio Box 44vsl.

Midi controllers - Nano Kontrol 2, Nano Pad 2, Live 61 key midi controller.

Many thanks for your assistance in advance.


Spoken to my i.s.p and completed the instructions.  Now my audiobox is having issues "trouble connecting to audio box value  (insert I.p. address of Audio station)" and the remote still doesn't connect.  

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