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Simplified "one man" recording view for Studio One Remote App "Android"

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asked May 17, 2020 in Hardware Integration / Remote Control by erikrepo (270 points)
I would like to use the "android" remote software when i am recording alone. But the ui buttons and views are too small for mobile phone and most of it is not needed for this task. From this miniature faders it is impossible to see what db i am hitting while singing.

I would like to have a view with one channel / slider where i can see is my recording clipping or hitting example -6db. this should fill the whole screen. In the bottom of the screen i need smaller buttons start/stop/record. Nothing else.

While performing, things must be simple, example maybe the whole screen should turn red if clipping.

BTW Does Studio one show or detect if my AudioBox is clipping? This is one other thing i can't see while i'm working alone from vocal booth.

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