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PreSonus AudioBox won't connect to Logic Pro X 10.4 on Macbook Pro version 0.13.4

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asked Jul 8, 2018 in AudioBox USB by geenaduffy (170 points)
I got a new MacBook Pro, the newest model, and my Pre Songs AudioBox will not come up as an available interface/input on Logic Pro X 10.4. Im worried that my audiotex won't be compatible with this version of Mac or Logic. My AudioBox still turns out like normal when I plug it into the USB drive. Anyone have any suggestions? Thank you!

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answered Mar 6, 2019 by nicknrrobin (140 points)

I have also faced the same difficulties with my MacBook Pro. My PreSongs AudioBox is not supported on my system. So, I updated the system, but after the update, ​macbook pro won't turn on black screen. It turns into a blue screen. How can I restore the screen back?