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Conductor track that allows you to snap bars to midi notes

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asked Jul 9, 2018 in Editing by jupiterjazzjupiterjazz (160 points)
Dear PreSonus team and dear users,

this feature request focuses on scoring and producing orchestral pieces in Studio One.

The feature that is really needed is the ability to snap bars to the midi notes. Noone classical musician plays like a machine, and many classical pieces have a lot a accelerandi, ritenuti and rubato features that are quite impossible to simulate in Studio One. One should either reject the bar structure and omit the usage of metronome, or sit hours long adjusting the tempo track. If you reject the bar structure, you need a conductor track, as it is impossible to play 20 orchestra instruments one by one naturally matching the beat. If you choose to adjust the tempo with the tempo track, none of these simulations will sound naturally, as according to the tempo changes one should adjust articulations and the dynamic of each orchestral instrument.

So, my feature request would be a conductor track, that shifts and modifies the tempo. That should take the role of a metronome on the one side, and show you the umpcoming tempo changes - like a conductor does. In order to modify the conductor track, one should be able to snap the song bars to midi events. Why? Because one could quantize different orchestral sections, but avoid the unnaturally straight rhythm at the same time.

To illustrate the problem I would ask someone to open the 2. piano concert of Rachmaninov in a streaming service and understand that it is pain just to make even the first chords of this concert to sound naturally with the present instruments of Studio One (the further music - just impossible).

If Studio One could add this feature, that might be a first serious improvement for classical composers that will allow to make more naturally sounding scores. If I am not mistaken, that would be the first realization of this feature among all DAWs.

I will be glad for support and let me know, if I should describe the idea further. Thank you!

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