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Being able to reposition the transport and edit controls

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asked Jul 9, 2018 in Hardware Integration / Remote Control by steveswanson (550 points)

Hello Presonus,

I am using a two screen setup that may be common. I have a large 4k monitor on the wall behind a mixing desk where the track view is placed. I also have a 44" 4K touch screen on the mixing desk where I place the console. Great control of the faders and all else except for the transport. The transport is stuck below the track view and inconveniently, only accessible my mouse. Being able to touch the transport and edit controls on the touch screen would complete this setup. Without this, this setup is almost kick-***. I'm betting that using a large touch screen to directly control the DAWs console is the future. Sonar (RIP) did this wonderfully.

Please consider this in a future revision.

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