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Any word from Presonus on being able to bank faders when in "Edit Plugins" mode just like we do with tracks?

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asked Feb 9 in FaderPort 8 or 16 Feature Requests by michaelhouse2 (280 points)
I just realized I can't bank my faders when in "Edit Plugins" mode. That was one of the main reasons I bought the Faderport control my plugins and automation. I can bank my audio tracks, busses etc. but not my plugins. Makes no sense to me really. After researching this online I can see it is one of the most requested features for the Faderport 8 and 16. However, I can't seem to find any responses from Presonus about this. Any word on when this feature might be included in an update or should people who really want to control their plugins look elsewhere? I love the Faderport outside of that but being able to control my plugins is a must. I hope we hear something on this soon..............would be awesome!

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answered Feb 17 by Daw Stew (1,730 points)
agree with you. Im finding with some plugins they have more than 16 controls and im having to compromise how i map parameters to the buttons and faders