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What size in metric are the threaded holes on the back on a Series III console?

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asked Jul 17, 2018 in StudioLive Series III by manfredschmitt1 (790 points)

On the upper side of rear panel of the Series III mixer there are pairs of holes, Normally to mount an iPAD holder i think.

I need to build a mountig stand for an 13" Tablet PC , because the  IPS-1 iPad mounting plate is to smal.

I'm from Europe and we have metric screws, so my question is: 

Does anyone know which screws fit into these threaded holes. It definitly not metric M3.

So what is it ?

  • 4 - 40 UNC  
  • 3 - 48 UNC 
  • 4 - 48 UNF 
  • 6 - 40 UNF

Big THX from Germany

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