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Are the Series III Mixers about to be discontinued?

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asked Jul 19 in StudioLive Series III by stevenhartwell (120 points)
Considering that the Studio Live Series III mixers debuted in 2017 and are already discontinued, is it a reasonable assumption that the new versions ( S, SX, SC, etc ) which are virtually the same with additional firmware upgrades and minus some hardware features, will be discontinued later this year if Presonus follows the same basic timetable?

This is a serious concern for us and many mid size recording rooms that want to take advantage of all the power and flexibility of these amazing mixers. It is worrisome that Presonus is somewhat well known for abandoning an entire user base when they discontinue a product, when other companies ( Sennhiser Evolution, Adam, RME, Focusrite ) are still supporting much older lines.

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