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Can't update firmware. 'DFU FAILED! Please Cycle Power'

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asked Jul 17, 2018 in FaderPort 8 by dylanking3 (190 points)
When I try to update my firmware from v1.01 to v2.02 with universal control I receive the message within my title on the scribble strips. The window showing the update on my computer will actually complete and say it was successful, but it hasn't actually worked. I dont have any other usb devices plugged in. Thanks.

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answered Dec 4, 2018 by nickmaggio (26,660 points)
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DFU is Device Firmware Update.

This can happen due to connection interruptions or bandwidth issues.

There isn't alot to go on, but if you update over a USB 3.0 connection and with good internet you should be able to remedy this rather quickly.

Restarting your computer can help. Also try different USB connections. Avoid HUBS and Extenders as well. They could cause interruptions in the Data flow.


If you continue to have issues Updating due to a DFU error It is recommended that you reach out to Tech Support for further Troubleshooting.
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answered Jul 17, 2018 by dylanking3 (190 points)

Update: After about a dozen tries and a few resets it seems to be working fine now. Figured I'd reply to myself incase anybody looks up this issue in the future who wasn't willing to try the same thing for hours hoping it would magically work like I did lol. smiley

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answered Aug 4, 2018 by [email protected] (230 points)
I've got the same issue. Windows 10. Is there a fix for this problem? Not a happy camper!
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answered Aug 5, 2018 by [email protected] (230 points)
I figured this little mess out! Restart the computer!! Duh. Turning it off will not work you've got to Go to restart. Ugghh! Oh well. Posted this so folks don't have to guess!