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Presonus Studiolive series 3 -- Firmware Update: - odd issue with consoles

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asked Mar 1, 2022 in StudioLive Series III by robertweston2 (7,470 points)
Recently updated both of my StudioLive Series 3 32-channel consoles (non-S and S version) to firmware .  After the auto-reboot, ALL of the faders on both consoles started moving up/down (their full fader travel) on their own during the reboot... in a rhythmic pattern.  The faders did NOT stop moving even after the consoles were fully booted.  

I had to reboot the consoles again to get them to stop their fader movements.  After the reboot, the non-S version console appears to have slower and not too accurate fader movements (when switching between layers).  I recall a previous firmware version that "fixed" the slow faders... seems the non-S console has gone back to this issue.  The S version appears to be ok.

Any thoughts on why the faders (on both consoles) were moving on their own?  Any thoughts on if the non-S version of the console has slower faders (like the older versions of the firmware for that console)?

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answered Mar 2, 2022 by robertweston2 (7,470 points)
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This is issue is resolved.  The fader movements were part of the firmware upgrade.
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answered Mar 2, 2022 by herbertschmitt (250 points)
I have a Studio Live III 64 S since 2019 and today I did the update.
When the console had rebooted, I am terrified. Because never had an update triggered a movement of all faders. After the complete reboot, the magic was also quickly over. Presonus Team why do you do this without warning the user.
Greetings Herbert
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answered Mar 6, 2022 by ebrabaek (240 points)
I too had issues with this, but as the OP realized it was a fader calibration command that was executed at the reboot of the ware. I could not find a release note page for this firmware, which I normally look at prior to the flashover. I would have been great to publish this, so we had seen it. PS was however so awesome in helping out with this. People reading this just need to do a fader calibration post install and you are ready to rock.
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answered Jun 13, 2022 by donaldwalden (140 points)
I have Studio Live 16 series III and recently installed firmware For two weeks in a row, I have had my mixer do the 60 second fader dance when I first power up. Then it never boots so I power cycle again and it goes back to the original factory firmware 1.9 something and I lose all of my projects and scenes. No I hadn't done a backup as often as I should have and I lost everything. Then I spend the next hour or two rebuilding everything from scratch. Very inconvenient and stressful. Not sure wth is going on but maybe this firmware is a bad build..
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answered Jan 21, 2023 by fabiodias1 (140 points)
hello every one!

Does anyone have StudioLive64s Firmware file? the latest Firmware update is showing instability in AVB connections...