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Connecting two Studio 1824 USB via ADAT for more Mic Channels possible?

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asked Jul 18, 2018 in Studio Series USB Interfaces by stefanogus (180 points)
Hi all

I use the Studio 1824 USB and it's great. Would it be possible to hook 2 of them together, if I want to expand it for having more Mic Channels? Would it work via ADAT optical Cable? I run it on Cubase 9.5 / Windows 10.

Or which Device would you suggest, for expanding the Studio 1824 USB for having more than 8 Mics? Thanks

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answered Nov 14, 2018 by mikeoberhoffner (190 points)
I am also interested in expansion to cover more mic connections.

Thanks too! :-)
asked Nov 14, 2018 in Studio Series USB Interfaces by stefanogus (180 points) Studio 1824 USB
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answered Nov 14, 2018 by stefanogus (180 points)
Connecting two Studio 1824 USB does not work. You can use the Studio 1824 together with the Digimax DP88, connectet with two Toslink cables. This works perfect for recording up to 16 Microphones into a DAW.
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answered May 2 by guantingye (140 points)
yes of course. I made it today. you need to do some change in universal control.

when first time I connected these two, and plug a mic in my second 1824, all 8 adat channels in UC mixer get the same signal for the mic.

there will be 8 adat tracks in the second 1824 's mixer in UC ,and on the right side of the mixer there will be some tracks name such as mixer7/8 , adat1/2.

these means stereo track (or aux input) and you need to choose the right channel and pan them as a stereo part.

you need to connect the second 1824 usb to your computer and do these on the second 1824 's UC mixer.

for example , when you press adat 1/2, you need to choose adat 1 ,pan it left ,and choose adat 2 ,pan it right and so on. and leave all other channel to -int volume

I think those are aux input. so you need to set the propose channel for them . once you have finish ,then connect the main 1824 and they will work.