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NO Adat Output when bypassing the UC mixer

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asked Nov 19, 2019 in Studio One 4 by gabrielcor (210 points)

Maybe someone here can help, please yes

I spent 20 days with Butch Richard from Tech Support but he only seems to be interested in closing the case, blaming the computer, the destination, everything, despite I sent evidence, videos, and a lot of additional information.

Below the basic information, I have projects, videos, and a lot of tests I did. If I enable UC Control, it works, but if I disable it, I get no output from ADAT channels (I cannot enable UC control as it "pairs" the 8 ADAT channels in 4 stereo channels)

I’m trying to get mono output mixes using Studio One and Studio 1824c bypassing the UC Mixer, but I get no output signal on the ADAT channel.

Configuration: Studio One Professional Win x64, Presonus Studio 1824c

I’m trying to get mono output mixes on my in-Ear monitoring (Boehringer P16i)

ADAT output in 1824 is Ok, and input on P16I is showing the connection (see photo below).

I have the following output configuration

Where I have assigned two mono outputs to line3 and 4 and ADAT 1 and 2.

I have two tracks and configured Sends to those mono outputs.

If I click play on the song, I get signal from the line3 and 4 on input 1 and 2 (that I connected via standard TSR cables) but not on channel 9 and 10 (the ADAT ones), see photo below.

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answered Nov 20, 2019 by carlosmurga (150 points)
I'm having a similar problem. Did you find a solution?

It doesn't seem to work.
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answered Dec 17, 2019 by robertkosowski (270 points)
edited Dec 17, 2019 by robertkosowski

i have the same issue but with the mains.... the signal shows in the mixer.. but not the mains