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Studio 1824, Windows 10, not output from ADAT

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asked Dec 19, 2018 in Studio Series USB Interfaces by manfredlang (310 points)
Windows 10, Ableton 10, Expert Sleepers ES-8, UC Mixer in Bypass Mode.

I have no output from Ports 11-18 (ADAT OUT) in Ableton to ES-8 IN. I have outputs from ports 1-8, and I have inputs from all ports (including Ableton ADAT IN ports 11-14 from ES-8).

I tried another Windows computer, I tried Reaper and Bitwig, I tried Ableton Live 9, I tried Studio One 4 Artist, always the same: no output from ADAT.

When I use a Macbook, everything works as expected, so there is no hardware problem. I think, the Presonus "Studio USB ASIO driver" in some way "hides" the ADAT output ports from all windows programs.

I hope, somebody can help me with this, there must be some Windows users with working ADAT ports!

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answered Oct 29, 2019 by andydutczak (150 points)
Yep. Presonus still haven't fixed the issue. Seems to be software related. Really unimpressed with my first and now only presonus product.
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answered Oct 30, 2019 by manfredlang (310 points)
Hi Andi, I found a workaround for this problem. You have to change the sample rate in Universal Control and change it back again  (I'm using 44,1 kHz, change it to 48 or 88,2 and back again). After that, everything is working.
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answered Nov 19, 2019 by gabrielcor (220 points)
Do you still have the problem? I have the same problem on my 1824 if I use the "Bypass" option on UC Control. No ADAT Output
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answered Sep 2, 2020 by roelvan1 (340 points)

Still got this problem too with my 1824c and a ********* ada8000. Tried the solution by manfredlang, but doesn't work fot me. When I try to change the bitrate (in S1) it automatically changes it back to the setting before. 

I have to say that sometimes it does work. Sometimes it doesn't. I have a feeling it has to do with the way I start thing up. PC > 1824c > adat Interface and the timing between those but I havent found the time yet to figure this out completely. 

Love to hear any update from anyone on this. It's quite annoying to not be able to use the half of my studio setup... 


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answered Sep 3, 2020 by manfredlang (310 points)
This workaround works for me all the time (still not fixed by Presonus ...).

I had this auto-changing sample rate sometimes, but sooner or later it's always working. The starting order for me is always as you said: PC - 18/24 - Expert Sleepers ES-8.

I don't understand what you mean with "bitrate (in S1)"? What I'm talking about is the Samplerate setting in Universal Control.
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answered Sep 3, 2020 by roelvan1 (340 points)
Thanks for your reply Manfredlang!

will try to switch samplerates a few times more and come back here again to tell if it worked or not.
I did mean samplerate as well in my reply. Been busy with exporting videos whole day which confused me with bitrates. My bad :)

Keep you posted and thanks so far. On the other hand, would be great if Presonus fixed this issue!
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answered Sep 5, 2020 by roelvan1 (340 points)
Fixed it for me too! Thanks for your help guys!