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My Audio Box Crashed With The Last Update

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asked Jul 20, 2018 in AudioBox i-Series by serhattysz (120 points)
I have audioBox iTwo. First i download PreSonus_Universal_Control_Installer-47644 Driver version. It was working without any problem. But the last update that you did (10 July 2018) It's called PreSonus_Universal_Control_v48221 Crashed my audiobox.

After update my audiobox itwo was connecting and unconnecting continuously about once in 10 seconds. I applied the following instructions. (I have windows 10 64x) I unistalled it, and installed again twice. But i noticed that doesn't work the latest version of audioBox iTwo. I searched earlier version on my laptop that i downloaded first. I tried to install it and it works smoothly.
But i fear it will update automaticly. Can you say how can I close auto update please? Or will new version come? Thank you.

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