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Mix Snapshots [Completed 5.0]

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asked Dec 9, 2015 in Completed Feature Requests by LMike (14,690 points)

Please consider adding Mix Snapshots to Studio One in the v3 cycle.  Thanks.

What Are Mix Snapshots?

A snapshot, sometimes referred to as a scene, is a moment in time of a mixer.  All settings like faders, pans, FX chains, and automation.  When you save a snapshot it stores the state of all of those things for recall at any later time.

How Would Mix Snapshots Improve On Studio One's Song Versions Function?

Versions are great, especially for checkpoint style full song backups and alternate arrangements, but they have one comparative downside as relates to using them to store multiple mixes, that every time you load a version it has to reload the entire song.  While this is just a minor annoyance for audio projects, reloading entire electronic productions (all instruments) on larger projects is a much bigger comparative annoyance,

Additionally, for the same reason, full song loading and the time it takes, it becomes more difficult to easily A/B different mixes.,

With snapshots, nothing reloads but plugins and channel states, not 20 gb of instruments.

Where Can I See Examples Of Mix Snapshots in Action In Other Software?


It's clearly of value, as demonstrated with "Scenes" on the range of Studio Live consoles.  Same thing really.

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answered May 4, 2016 by jpettit (11,810 points)
Best answer

This pretty much describes what needs to be captured when you save a Mixer snapshot.

Don't forget to vote for Track Templates as well :-) 

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answered Dec 10, 2015 by jpettit (11,810 points)
For sure. +1
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answered Jan 10, 2016 by patricemazmanian (5,240 points)

This is a function that will serve me every day. yes

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answered Mar 14, 2016 by jpettit (11,810 points)
I think these are more eloquent  solutions for the mixer undo gap.

Especially if  the snapshot  is very easily  saved and recalled with  hotkeys. ( like Ctrl  + Shift + Z, Ctrl  + Alt + Z )
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answered Mar 14, 2016 by (2,860 points)
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'Mix scenes' are a great idea. I like the idea of this potentially being a future option. So, I +voted on it. The title seemed related to a request I'd made, for what I guess I would call 'solo view'. After reading further, I found they are a little different, but they are a little related. I do a lot of live recording, tempo mapping, and subsequent MIDI tracking for bands and churches. I usually start with a live capture of 32 tracks and I'm hoping to help develop a clearer & more organized view of what is being mixed in the console/mixer view, kind of like what's been done with using folder tracks in the project view. Please check out my feature request and if think it would be of any help at all, please +vote on it:

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answered Mar 14, 2016 by Contrust (3,380 points)
**** this is too good!
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answered May 11, 2016 by samirelborno (8,390 points)
I really like that concept.
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answered Oct 21, 2017 by pellefridell (5,050 points)

I just fell over Studio One X, a script/macro that will do this in a kind of way.


Best, Pelle
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answered Nov 29, 2017 by CadErik (510 points)
This is conceptually a nice feature but in Sonar, I found it was useless because it could take up to one minute to switch from one mix setting to another in a complex project. I am worried that Sonar was not to blame but changing the state of all the plugins was the culprit.
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answered Dec 14, 2017 by bennyr1 (2,620 points)
magix music studio and samplitude have too mixer snapshots. there are 8 slots can see in video. this feature is very long in samplitude, so video that show how it work, is not so easy find of newer versions

in studio one it is very usefull if this can with the scratch pad and have diffrent settings for mixer too. so can change effects or vsti too.
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answered Jun 12, 2018 by mdorren (150 points)
I'd love an all out snapshot feature for a whole project that could morph...ncluding insert, send and strip adjustments. I'd be able to loop a section (IE chorus or lead) and adjust to "perfection" and then do the same for the other sections. When doing final mix, I could "morph" the section with a predetermined morph time, and then adjust to taste.
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answered Nov 14, 2018 by neiljordan1 (18,370 points)
This seems like a great idea, and one which more and more other DAWs are getting already. For example, it was just announced for Cubase 10.
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answered Jun 25, 2019 by alanbranch (690 points)
Snapshots are great but I'd rather have a proper import session data like Pro Tools, engineers have used this for many years, it's a no brainer when working with a band or tracks with similar instruments,  being able to import audio, or automation, or I/O settings from one mix to another makes multi track projects so much easier, the import now is relatively basic.
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answered Jul 26, 2019 by rogerhand (1,880 points)

Yeah, I could really use this!

Take this situation ...

  1. You record and mix a song
  2. You listen to it a few times, while cruising around in your car, etc.
  3. You decide you want to re-do a few instrumental sections
  4. While recording, you bring down the vocal level and bring up the drums and bass to help you stay in time
  5. When playing the newly recorded stuff back, you bring its level up so you can hear it well
  6. Now you're ready to mixdown ... but the levels are different! HOW DO YOU GET THEM BACK? Now you've gotta move the faders around, hoping you get that magic balance again.
Ideally you would be able to save the mix settings (levels, pans, etc.) after doing the first mix, then restore them when you're ready to mixdown again. This would be soooo useful!
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answered Jan 22, 2020 by christianschmid1 (2,160 points)
This would be so awesome! Especially if you could pull up mix snapshots in different songs! I work a lot with templates and record directly into them. It would be so cool if I could mix Song 1 and import all the mixer settings without the audio and automation into Song 2. All the track names and busses are the same anyways.
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answered Aug 29, 2023 by sebastianernest (170 points)
Digital Performer any version as far as I’m aware, uses a concept called chunks. Where each song can be a chunk. It loads everything audio, midi, plugins, whatever. Now if you could combine that functionality along with Mix Scenes… OMG as they say.  Working on albums would be so nice .  I realize you can sort of do it with a project I just find that confusing a bit and we aren’t to the mastering stage yet anyway. I need to work on the guitar track in several songs etc.