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BUG: when in Continuous view sometimes score changes cause lyrics lines to be progressively pushed down the page

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asked Jul 27, 2018 in Notion by lorenjerickson (1,160 points)
When I have a large score (number of staves doesn't really matter actually, it's just way more annoying in that case), sometimes as I make notation changes the lyrics line(s) begin to be pushed progressively down the view with each notation change until they are below the stave with which they are associated.  The only way to recover from this is to work exclusively in page down/across views or switch to one of those views and back to continuous view.  Super annoying.

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answered Aug 24, 2018 by TechSupport77 (195,970 points)
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At this time, it is best to use Pages Across or Pages Down when entering lyrics.  Continuous view can cause issues with formatting when entering lyrics.