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Switching a StudioLive III series between different network configurations?

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asked Jul 29, 2018 in StudioLive Series III by matthijstenberge (150 points)

For our church, we are planning to purchase new mixing equipment. Both the PreSonus Studiolive series III and the Soundcraft Si series are on our shortlist. If we choose for PreSonus, it will probably be a combination of the StudioLive III 24R or 32R (on stage) and a StudioLive III 24 as FOH desk.

For the different types of church services and other activities, we have different demands on the audio setup. For example:

  1. Special 'youth' music services (monthly): a full band on stage with experienced musicians and experienced sound technicians. We do not have a separate monitor engineer. In this case, we could use the rack mixer either in monitor mixer mode, where the band members control their own mix with the mobile app, or in stagebox mode, where the FOH engineer also handles the monitor mixes.
  2. Normal services (twice every Sunday): no music at all, besides the church organ. For these services, the FOH desk must be removed from the church hall and stored out of sight in a closet (some of our members are very conservative...). Conclusion: we need to have a digital snake, and none of the analog inputs on the FOH desk will be used. Just one 230V and one or two RJ45 plugs.
  3. 'Inbetween' the above (once or twice a month): a few instruments, much less experienced musicians. The sound technicians are just volunteers and not skilled, so everything must be as simple as possible. They currently are just able to get everything working with an analog mixing desk. The SLIII-24 + SLIII-R in dedicated 'stagebox mode' would seem ideal here, as it mimics the functionality of an analog desk with analog multicore snake.
    Running the rackmixer in other modes would be too confusing/complex for them.
  4. Band rehearsals (weekly): The FOH desk stays in the closet, and the SLIII-R will be used as the only mixer (stand-alone), controlled via the mobile apps. During these rehearsals, no FOH sound is needed, only sound on stage. This can either be a single set of speakers pointed towards the stage and ran from the Main L/R out of the SLIII-R, or we could use the same monitor setup that are also used during services.

Now the difficult point: how to easily switch between these configurations?

Ideally, we want to have single-button recall for the various situations, so that even our unskilled techs can get the system running, no matter in which configuration the system has been left behind.

Unfortunately, the scene memories do not seem to contain the AVB and patch configurations, so I assume this is a no-go. Furthermore, It seems impossible to reconfigure the rackmixer's configuration as part of a 'total recall' from the FOH desk, so at least they must dive into both the FOH and the rack mixer's configuration sad .

Concluding: can we set up the system in such a way, that all the users mentioned above (especially the 'noob' sound technicians and the band members during rehearsals) can easily reconfigure the system for their intended purpose? And what are the actions that they will need to perform each time?

Thanks in advance!

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answered Jul 31, 2018 by jonnydoyle (403,140 points)
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Please contact PreSonus sales who can help you with this as it would require some time to go over and exceed what can be typed out here.