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how can i set my Antares auto tune, hyper sonic, and nexus to work with studio one pro 2.6.?

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asked Dec 10, 2015 in Studio One 2 by vincent2 (160 points)
i have been using my Hyper sonic, Antares auto tune 5, nexus in studio one pro 2.5. but now i have updated to studio one pro 2.6 in a new computer but they do not show up in my instrument area. can some help me please?

This is what i did first. Downloaded my studio one, installed, activated, all in 86. i also put my VST plug ins in that folder too.

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answered Dec 10, 2015 by jpettit (11,810 points)
selected Dec 17, 2015 by AlexTinsley
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Did you add the VST path in Options/locations?

Are they 32 bit or 64 bit?

There are two different installs on Windows for Studio One (32-bit) and (64-Bit) Make sure you're running plug-ins in the right memory format. Looking at your account activations, we see you are running the 64-bit version of Studio One 3 Artist.

If the plug-ins that you have installed are 32-Bit versions, then Studio One 3 (64-Bit) will not see them. You'll need to download the 64-Bit versions from Toontrack.

Read this article for more details as to why there is a difference.