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Put Antares Autotune Directly on StudioLive 3 Mixer - why is this not possible?

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asked Jul 17, 2022 in StudioLive Series Feature Requests by dionstevenson2 (130 points)
In short - volunteer church tech terms need a really simple way to handle the complexity of using a much needed autotuner - live

What is needed? Autotuner available on the mixer like reverb, delay etc... removing all the inconnecting requirements and the need for people to learn another package....and more bits that can go wrong...

Surely this is a no brainer - but from what I can see - no manufacture provides this simplicity?

Today it seems one has to use StudioOne on another computer, then the USB source, stand on one foot, hold mouth right and hope it works....for most teams it is just too complex and bound to fail at the most inappropriate moment.

Hoping I have this wrong and there is a way to put autotuner directly on the StudioLive 3 Mixer without external equipment...

Any comments?


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