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Studio One 4 Mixer Layout

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asked Aug 6, 2018 in Look and Feel by Kensuke Kawahara (920 points)

The layout of the Mixer has changed in Studio One 4 and I am so confused and really need to know the benefits of changing it into this.

First, the number which shows the fader volume should be right above (or beneath) the level meter (and it was on v3.5) but now there are ‘M S Mon Rec Buttons’ in between. There’s a huge gap between the two so it became very unintuitive. No other DAW is like this!

These 4 buttons are also robbing the space for the fader and the level meter.

When you turn on the new Note Pad  (awesome feature!)  the length of the fader and the meter gets even shorter.

It was understandable at least if the level meter gets wider like Cubase but it has got even thinner than before and because of this, the numbers written on the level meter has got less clarity than S1 3.

The result of all these changes, there’s just a huge dead space on the right side of the fader.

This new layout is illogical in many aspects.

Please put it back like it was in 3.5!

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answered Dec 21, 2018 by propheticsound (190 points)
I fully agree, or at least give us the option to choose our preferred layout.
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answered Nov 30, 2019 by anatolyjbugaichuk (210 points)

Would be good option to switch mixer look to v3 mode.

Useful space (level measurement) is significant lost under that 4 buttons. Or we need scale up mixer to almost half sequencer, that definitely not good.