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How to mark a section in Studio One 4 on the ruler timeline for an instrument track when a new sound starts

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asked Aug 11, 2018 in Studio One 4 by stevencochrane (120 points)

For example a drum track (EZ-Drummer2) Hi-Hat starts; then the snare comes in - but the entire track color is the same for both sections in Studion One 4- I would like to mark the spot with Studio One on that track when the snare comes in so it is visible in the time line. Can you help? I looks at some suggested articles, but it did not quite get to that how-to area. I tried paint brush which is somewhat suffice, but would like to see a colored divider.  I can see the separation in EZ-Drummer but I would like to see that in Studio One.

BTW- I am a newbie so please be kind. :)

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