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Are Fat Channel settings persistent from Channel 1 -> Mix 1->AVB1->Earmix

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asked Aug 11, 2018 in StudioLive Series III by donaldboone (200 points)
Hello -just unboxed the studiolive series 3  - 24 and I have completed setting up all the channels, mixes, DCA's and Earmix config. I am trying to understand clearly how all the pre-/post stuff works. . btw - we all plan to go in-ear via earmix. My basic Questions

(1) I mapped channel 1 to mix 1 - channel 1 has FAT channel processing. Its a vocal mic. Does the Fat channel processing carry to Mix 1? Its not clear to me as the only options on channel 1 are digital send options of pre and post. I am not sending Channel 1 directly out but sending Mix 1 out via AVB to the earmix. I see Mix 1 also has Fat channel processing. Do I need to redo my FAT channel processing again on Mix 1 ? On The Mix (1) I have Aux Pre Mode (Pre1, Pre2, Post). I would expect I can use Pre1 and not use the Fat Channel processing in Mix1 but just inherit from channel 1.

Any Help with Setup would be great.

The plan is to mix FOH from Main/User and send all the aux Mixes to the earmix's to allow all members to manage thier own in-ear levels and mixes.

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answered Aug 14, 2018 by benpierce (95,490 points)
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Earmix sends work different than Aux sends. You don't send to an aux mix and then send that to the Earmix unless you are trying to combine multiple inputs onto one channel. For instance, you could send all your drums to one Aux and then send that Aux to one channel of the Earmixes. That way you could keep your drums from taking up too many channels on the Earmix. Also, you can route individual channels from the console to the Earmix without passing them through an Aux. This is done in Digital Patching. Using the Digital Send Options (in the settings for each channel), you can send to the Earmixes pre or post Fat Channel processing.