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Stereo link with faders option removes aux/matrix levels

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asked Aug 18, 2018 in StudioLive Series III by pauldiem (1,940 points)
Let's say I have the following analog inputs:

1 - Orchestra Left

2 - Orchestra Right

3 - Choir Left

4 - Choir Right

I'd like to set up two aux outputs, one to include the orchestra left and choir left inputs and the other to include the orchestra right and choir right inputs. I can set this up just fine but Id also like to stereo link the faders for the orchestra right/left inputs and choir right/left inputs. As soon as I stereo link them, the mix I set up to send to the aux outputs merges the left and right channels. Is there a way to set up the level contributed to an aux mix that isn't affected by stereo link (with the faders option on)?

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answered Aug 20, 2018 by pauldiem (1,940 points)
To answer my own question, the trick to this is to stereo link the aux mixes and change the stereo width to 100%. This was not intuitive at all to me. It'd be nice if there was something about this in the manual.