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Can Studio One Support Dual-mono Compression/EQ vs. Stereo? YES!

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asked Aug 22, 2018 in Studio One 4 by brconflict (1,650 points)

So, I was digging around and trying to see if there was a way to use a Dual-Mono compressor, when the compressor itself doesn't even support it. Watching a video with Andrew Scheps, he says he much prefers dual-mono compressors over stereo compressors. But the Waves CLA-76, for example doesn't support that, only stereo. How could I accomplish this?

Routing. When you view any plug-in in your Inserts chain for a channel, you can see a small flow-chart type icon in the upper left. Click on that to reveal the routing of the FX plug-in chain. Now, at the top of the routing window is a neat feature, called, Splitter. You can insert a splitter in the chain and drag it where you want to split the signal. Set the Split Mode to Channel Split. Next, you can insert two mono compressors (or EQ, or whatever) to each of the left/right chain of the splitter. Now, you can easily adjust things on either the left or right channel only.

I would like to see an additional M/S split, so, if S1 has this hidden, please let me know, but this is pretty rad.

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answered Mar 26, 2019 by marcelgrube1 (180 points)

The M/S split is also possible! It's not really hidden, but a little workaround-ish :)
The Mixtool plugin has an option MS Transform. What this does is, it transforms the normal Stereo L/R signal into a M/S signal.

If you follow that with a Channel-Split splitter, you are able to access and process the Mid and Side signal independently. laugh