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UC doesnt work with AVB Ethernet.

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asked Aug 23 in StudioLive Series III by quangnguyen5 (150 points)
Im using Studiolive16r as a audio interface with my MacPro 2013 (trash can) using the Ethernet AVB. This works fine except that i have to use the USB cable to control UC. Without the USB cable, the Studiolive16r simply does not appear in UC.

The UC settings are still there after i unplug the USB cable. But once i need to change something i need to replug the usb again.

Thanks for your helps.

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answered Aug 23 by jonnydoyle (64,890 points)
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The Audio Network port on the Series III mixer is just that, for sending audio. You need to use either the Control Network port or the USB to control Universal Control. This is by design.