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Can Control and AVB be sent to the NSB 16.8 at the same time?

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asked Jul 1 in Networked Stage Box by ChristianWilson9991 (120 points)
Hi all,

I have just started making using of the capabilities of AVB networking using the Series III 64S mixer. I am operating in a small 220-seat concert hall in an arts center. My current set up is as follows:

1. Mac Studio M2 Max using Audio MIDI Controller to route music/QLab audio to the mixer (Stereo into channels 63 and 64)

2. StudioLive Series III 64S with a mix of analog snakes for various speakers throughout my building. Sends 1-16 are taken analog, but not all used at the same time. The mains are also analog cable runs to speakers above the stage.

3. These two devices(as well as the network control for a projector and the PoE for a Cognito 2 Light board) plug into my network switches. I use 3. The Netgear M4250 10G2F PoE+ (AVB compatible) and two SW5Es. I use one port on the Netgear to Link to one of the SW5Es. The other SW5E is currently just sitting there doing nothing.

4. In the SW5E I am using, I have 3 etherCon. One to a port that takes a digital snake to the stage. One to the StudioLive 64S mixer for AVB, one for spare for when I have concerts not in the hall, but in our lobby.

My netgear is set up correctly for AVB. The Mac properly sends stereo audio to the mixer like any analog input would. It's great. Trouble comes in when trying to add control.

The WAP I have is a Linksys EA6100 Router. This worked fine for control when it was plugged into the 64S directly. What I'm trying to do now is plug it in through my Netgear so anything else (like a future element 2) can make use of it for Wireless connection.

I installed Universal Control for Mac. Today I see both the 64S and my NSB 16.8 appear in the UC menu. The mixer knows the NSB is there, knows its name, can be set in the patch menu, responds to 48V toggles, etc. But it will not send or even receive any level from my microphones or an organ... nothing.

I tried switching out the NSB (I have 4) to no avail. The green light switches to blue each time, so I think that means a proper connection is made.

When I take the control out of the equation, things go back to normal.

Are the NSB's able to handle both control and AVB at the same time? Or if you are connected to control you can't send audio?

At the end of the day, I imagine if I just keep the 64S control port plugged into the Linksys and don't put the Linksys back on the Netgear, that should be fine. I do not need to control the NSB.

I wonder why the NSB, except for firmware updates, would even appear in control if it would turn off AVB? I was looking to pass Sennheiser IEM ethernet data back through the NSB to connect it to the network. Would this work with AVB at simultaneously?

Specific, I know, but any help is appreciated!

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