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Digimax D8 analog outputs are not balanced

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asked Aug 24 in PreAmps, Signal Processors and Monitoring Hardware by guillermoromano (190 points)
Hi there, I have several Digimax D8 but none of them has analog balanced output. Only unbalanced ones are available from these preamps. The specs from the user manual say that have 8 analog balanced outputs with 1/4" stereo plug (tip, ring, sleeve) but its not true. What can I do?

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answered Sep 6 by AlexTinsley (731,080 points)
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The D8 outputs are impedance balanced TRS so signal on Tip is matched by same current potential on Ring giving balanced performance.
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answered Sep 6 by guillermoromano (190 points)
Thank you for your response. For our facilities the actual effect was like unbalanced (half level signal at the mixer side anfd a little bit a noise) so, we was haved to balance the output using balancers tranformers but the quality from the signal is not the best. Balanced impedance is not the same that balanced signal, I think. Would be nice to get both of them.