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Setting up External midi keyboard not successful.

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asked Aug 28 in Studio One 4 by martymininger (230 points)
I'm looking for more help in setting up my older Yamaha S80 keyboard to record as a midi track.  I did the normal things in options to set up my external device.  It won't show any data in the lower left monitor bars while playing.  But I see midi data when I click on the 5 pin icon.  It shows the correct note press.  Is there a recommended video/doc that can go deeper.  I'm new to Studio one.  I am using a scarlet focusrite I/O interface.  I must not be set up in the software.  I have recorded the keyboard as an audio file but not midi.  I was a Sonar user 4 years ago but that system hardware and software died on me.  So any help is greatly appreciated.


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answered Aug 29 by elliottsebag (5,760 points)
Hey there,

Maybe a simple recheck may help, i would recommend checking in this order :
- Unplug/replug everything and make sure all cables are doing their jobs.
- Restart your computer, plug your keyboard in and launch SO
- Check if it recognise it, if not , set it manually in the midi peripherals section.
- Once it's recognised by SO, just make sure you are in rec ready or input monitoring and play some midi in a inst track.
- If still not working, you might wanna check the specs doc of your keyboard to see if there is maybe a special mode enable or something more to do.

Hope this will help;

Kind regards.
asked Aug 30 in Studio One 4 by martymininger (230 points) Thank you