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External MIDI Drums (Alesis SR18) with double Sound

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asked Aug 23, 2020 in Studio One 5 by christophschreyer (170 points)
I set up my Alesis SR18 as a external device (Instrument and a keyboard).
I added a Instrument track and assigned the instrument to the track.

All works well. I can record the MIDI data from my SR18. When I start bouncing
Instrument Part, I can see that I can start my SR18 from Studio One (The use
case is: Studio One is the master and the Alesis SR18 ist the slave.), but
I hear two drums. The drum from my SR18 and something else.
When I edit my MIDI track, I can see that there is a GM Drums. This GM Drums give
the second sound. How can I enable or deactivate the GM Drum, so I only can hear
the drum sounf from my external SR18?

Thank you in advance.



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