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Post-Production improvements

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asked Sep 1, 2018 in Editing by elliottsebag (7,610 points)
Hey there,

With latest update adding import/export of AAF files, SO4 in nearest than ever to be ideal for post production... I think we just miss a few handy features (not so hard to add) :

- Beeing able to have a proper frame by frame scrolling mode without having to clic on the sub number and use arrows or having to create a macro.

- (i know this one has be already asked) Export Markers as .txt file ( with timecode/title of the marker/eventual comment of the marker )

- The spotting options "bring start/end of the file to cursor" are cool but it would be great to have one actually moving the whole file and not cutting it . ( + i noticed that you can't use one of the options as soon as the file in before or after the cursor... bring start of the file only works when the file starting point is before the cursor and vice-versa for spotting the end of the file.

- Finally a simple export to quicktime ( or alternative) would be awesome as we don't need a tiers software to sync audio in the video ( at least for getting feedbacks etc... )

Thanks a lot for your consideration as well as the amazing work already done,

Kind Regards.

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