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Paint Samples or Click and Drag to Copy

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asked Nov 21, 2018 in Editing by aaronramirez2 (440 points)
As seen here v

Click and Drag (as seen above) vs Pressing D multiple times (or holding, and trying to release at the exact bar or risk overshooting it, then having to delete or undo multiple times), and selecting all the events and pressing G to merge.


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answered Dec 24, 2018 by amanstudios (790 points)
Man! I thought I was the only one. If presonus can add the Acid Pro type of paint option, this would change the world for me. This DAW is super fast for me except only this duplicating regions is a workflow killer.

Presonus, please add this feature, why no DAWs out there can do what Sonic Foundry did, the pick and paint feature? That was number one thing they had that no DAW to this day has been able to accomplish for some reason.

The drag and drop may work for the rest of the world, but please create a feature where I just double a sample out of browser, it drops itself on to a new track, and I can just start painting it from wherever in the arrangement window. Instead of going back and look for it and duplicating it where I need it.

Please look into this. Thank you.