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Disarm All on Faderport 8

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asked Sep 5, 2018 in FaderPort Series Feature Requests by owenroberts3 (410 points)
At current, when the Shift key is illuminated on a Faderport 8, the ARM button becomes 'ARM ALL'

This can be useful if you're working with multiple mics, but causes me regular problems if you accidentally have the Shift key activated, and press ARM to arm a track.  Now every track in your project is suddenly armed and you have to go through each track individually to disarm them.  Some tracks may be hidden from your current console scenes, but they're still armed, so you have to hunt through and find them one by one to disarm them.  On a project with 100+ studio tracks, this is infuriating.  I've also had feedback problems, if mics are still plugged into channels that suddenly become unintentionally armed.

Please add a feature where a second press of the 'ARM ALL' button becomes 'DISARM ALL'.

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answered Sep 5, 2018 by AlexTinsley (773,070 points)
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answered Feb 2 by owenroberts3 (410 points)
Please please fix this, it's infuriating!!!

It happens at least once per session.  If you're working fast in a creative environment with other people, sometimes you don't realise the shift key is still illuminated.

I hit ARM to disarm the track I'm on, and all of a sudden 100+ tracks are ARMED

It's absurd that you then have to find each track individually and disarm each one at a time.
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answered Feb 13 by charlescuttito (140 points)
I believe if you turn off input,  on console channel from input channels, arming corresponding channel is disabled...Bud
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answered Feb 24 by Daw Stew (3,540 points)
im with you on this. It would be logical to have Arm all also function as Disarm all, but at the moment it doesn't and its really frustrating