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Faderport 8 tips and tricks

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asked Aug 11, 2017 in FaderPort 8 by mohdjeffriezalmohdjaafar (380 points)
Hi there,

I'm a happy user of Faderport 8 for 6 months now. Really enjoy using it during mixing. Still learning on its full potential. It is perfectly designed for Studio One.

But I seem like can't figure out a few of it basic function with Studio One, either it's not there or I just don't know how to, please enlighten me.

1) How can you do multiple select on the channel? Coz if I select a couple of track manually via mouse in S1 at once, it gets selected on FP8 as the all the selected track "Select" button light up and I can adjust it at once. But it seems like I can't do multiple select directly with FP8. Maybe I don't know what the hot keys are.

2) I would love to know is it possible to narrow/normal the mixer view directly from FP8, if not all, at least able to collapse and uncollapse selected track so I can quickly see what plugin in the insert bin.

3) Insert/load a plugin directly from FP8, is it possible? Because that's gonna be awesome.

4) How to set the fader back to 0 like how we use the combination ctrl+mouse click on the fader?

Sorry for the long question, but if all this 4 cover up, I think it complete all my habit during mixing, I can eliminate the mouse.

and hope in future can see Presonus come up with the extended version of it, I love to have another set of 8 fader, so I can split up the fader like on the console, right side hand all bus/fx channel ready, and left hand only track channel.

Or maybe build something like the new Studio Live 32, but only as a controller, minus all the pre and other. I love the new studio live 32 design, kudos on that, it's like a dream come true, but if only they are just a controller, Faderport 32? yay!

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