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Faderport 16 Automation Channels 9-16

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asked Sep 11, 2018 in FaderPort 16 by danieldagostinoii (200 points)

I am working on a project in Pro Tools and trying to write some automation data. No problem with automation on channels 1-8, but no response at all (on the controller) for channels 9-16. If I move tracks around I can still control automation only on channels 1-8. For example, I have a bass DI track on channel 8 and can control everything smoothly...if I move that track to channel 9, then I am unable to automate on the controller. I am able to create automation data in Pro Tools on these channels (9-16). Volume, pan, solo, mute and transport controlling are no problem on all channels. I ensured I have selected the track I want to automate and 'Select' is lit up in green but still no automation works on channels 9-16. This seems to be an issue changing automation modes and writing data with the controller on channels 9-16. Anybody having this issue or know a solution? Have I set something up incorrectly or incompletely?

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answered Sep 11, 2018 by AlexTinsley (772,370 points)
selected Dec 4, 2018 by nickmaggio
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You need to setup 2 HUI controllers (1 Main + 1 Expansion) in Pro Tools as HUI is only an 8 channel per device protocol, the FP16 is 2 of them stuck together for a system that relies on HUI. Then you'll have your automation. 

Refer to Page 14 in the user manual found on the download page that goes through setup with Pro Tools. 

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answered Sep 12, 2018 by danieldagostinoii (200 points)
Thank you for your response AlexTinsley but that step is already complete. I am able to use the other functions such as mute, solo, panning, and faders on channels 9-16 with zero issue. Automation is the only function that seems to be disabled or disconnected.
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answered Apr 6 by billjackson1 (150 points)
I am having a similar issue, but not sure, from the wording of your question.

I also use Pro Tools. The basic automation works on all faders, but faders 9-16 will are not controlled by the automation buttons (Trim, Latch, Write, etc.), and also will not work in Send mode. The last 8 faders stay At the position they were at, for the volume, and have no effect while in Send mode. (The first 8 faders snap to the bottom - if there in no Send level being used - as they should.)  I have had a Faderport 8, since the week they came out, but just recently switched to the Faderport 16. I’m not sure, but I think this only started happening after installing the new firmware from the end of March (2019). Maybe there is some bug that prevents some of the functions from working on the last 8 channels of the controller.
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answered Aug 19 by chriskrotky (160 points)
Not working here either