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SL III 32ch + SL III 16ch (as monitor mix control) via AVB

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asked Sep 13, 2018 in Networked Stage Box by jakubwilk (150 points)

In the newsletter You say this:

'You may start with a simple setup. For example, in a smaller live performance space, you could employ a StudioLive 16 and an NSB 8.8 Stage Box to create a complete 24-channel mixing solution. Over time, this same network can be expanded upon to add a StudioLive 32 for front- of-house, with the NSB 8.8 Stage Box and your original StudioLive 16 now running monitors.'

How exactly this setup can be done? If I need my SLIII 32ch for FOH and want to run two NSB16.8 stageboxes and SLIII 16 for monitor mix, how should I configure it? Does the SW5E have a split option or do I get thing wrong cause I assume both mixers would have to get signal feed from the same source but use it with own outputs. Or maybe SLIII 16ch is just a control board for some FOH functions?


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answered Sep 24, 2018 by benpierce (98,910 points)
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Either mixer can be set up as FOH or monitors. They are both capable of 32 channels. Both Mixers can be connected to both NSBs simultaneously. The switch does not do any sort of internal split. The way to run this is with Gain Compensated streams. You set your gain at FOH, then turn on gain compensation for individual channels. This will allow you to have digital trim on your monitor mixer so that you can make some gain adjustments without affecting FOH. The 2 mixers can then operate independently of each other.