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SL III 32ch + SL III 16ch (as monitor mix control) via AVB

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asked Sep 13 in Networked Stage Box by jakubwilk (120 points)

In the newsletter You say this:

'You may start with a simple setup. For example, in a smaller live performance space, you could employ a StudioLive 16 and an NSB 8.8 Stage Box to create a complete 24-channel mixing solution. Over time, this same network can be expanded upon to add a StudioLive 32 for front- of-house, with the NSB 8.8 Stage Box and your original StudioLive 16 now running monitors.'

How exactly this setup can be done? If I need my SLIII 32ch for FOH and want to run two NSB16.8 stageboxes and SLIII 16 for monitor mix, how should I configure it? Does the SW5E have a split option or do I get thing wrong cause I assume both mixers would have to get signal feed from the same source but use it with own outputs. Or maybe SLIII 16ch is just a control board for some FOH functions?


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