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how to add an interface to studio one 4?

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asked Sep 26, 2018 in Studio One 4 by ethanwhite4 (120 points)
so im very new to having my own set up, the only time i ever recorded anything was at school with imac stations already set up. but i graduated ages ago and im trying to get back into recording. my problem is i have a ********* Xenyx q802usb that i'm trying to use with studio one 4 so i can record my guitar but studio one doesn't recognize it. when i try to add the device the only preset things for ********* are the BCF2000, BCR2000 and the FCB1010 and none work with my xenyx. im using my windows 10 PC that i built. the xenyx is plugged into it and powered on, it reads my guitar signal just fine but studio one doesnt recognize it. any help would be great! thanks in advance.

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