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How to fix “Restart requested by audio device”

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asked Jul 23, 2019 in Studio One 4 by braedentobin (120 points)
So i just downloaded studio one 4 artist and the AU/rewire vst support add-on. Every time i open studio one and everything is loading up, it says “⚠️Restart requested by Audio device!” So it says it goes to “windows audio” But when i go to make a new song, everything works fine and i can record and hear myself. Im wondering what the problem is and how i can fix it! I want my programs to work fully and have nothing weong with them. Please let me know how/if i need to fix it and if its a problem, thanks!

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answered Aug 17, 2019 by tothrec (6,610 points)
There is another thread with an Answer (but it did not work for me):