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How do I set up Juno DS88 to Studio One 4 correctly so I can record?

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asked Feb 23, 2019 in Studio One 4 by patriciaadams1 (320 points)

My setup... Juno DS88 - Steinberg UR44 - Laptop, windows 10 64 bit

I've got the Steinberg set up to laptop and Studio 4 right. But cannot figure out how to get the Juno connected right. Do I use midi cords to the Steinberg or go through the back inputs or the front inputs, both? Also, can't figure out how to set it all up to record the Juno, what options to select, etc. Totally lost. The songs I want to create consist of the Juno for most instruments, a guitar and a mic. Would love to understand how to set up the patch bank as well.

I know this is a lot to ask. Hoping someone will walk me through it. I'm a songwriter... not a DAW expert... at all.

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