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How can I monitor audio when I record audio thru USB?

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asked Nov 26, 2019 in Studio One 4 by robertmanigault (150 points)
Is there a way to hear USB audio when I am recording it from my Roland TR-8 Drum Machine?

I'm using Studio One 4 with Studio 194 interface. I know to select the Roland TR-8 Drum Machine as the audio interface in order to record multi-tracks to Studio One. But since I have to select the TR-8 as the audio device I cannot hear what is being recorded.

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answered Feb 26, 2020 by AlexTinsley (925,190 points)
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The Roland TR-8 is basically a MIDI Controller with it's own sample playback / synth engine in the sound module.

How to connect a MIDI Keyboard: 

How to assign Parameters to a MIDI Controller: 

How to record an external Synth: 

While this talks about recording an External Synth, in your case it would be recording the sound module inside the TR-8