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Chord track drag and drop into a midi / instrument track

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asked Sep 18, 2018 in MIDI Editing by ernestopastor (270 points)

Please, Basic and highly important and useful: The ability to drag and drop chords from Chord track to midi/instrument tracks. That is the only feature missing for switching from Cubase9


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answered Jul 22, 2020 by yoelbreuer (480 points)
Same here, it's probably the only thing i'm missing In studio one coming from Cubase ( I used to miss the score editor as well but I'm happy that in studio one 5 they added it, It's amazing!!) 2 features that you can do in cubase chord track and can't in studio one is 1) to drag your chord track into an empty instrument track and it creates Midi data following the chords. 2) in the piano roll you can chose to color notes that is out side the chord in the chord track. Hope studio one will add that soon so they will be the king in the chord track taking in consideration that it's already more powerful then cubase chord track with the fact that it works with audio...