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Tape out overload

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asked Sep 22, 2018 in StudioLive Series III by jespertossavainen (500 points)
Hello! I appreciate the possibility of asking questions in this forum, absolute wonderful.
I’ve got a problem when using tape out for the sound from my computer, it overloads even on minimal volume. Why is this?
How can I get in on a normal level.
I don’t use the usb cause it’s the same thing there though I use the channel 1 & 2.
Once I change to the audio network I can gain properly and such and it works absolutely fine!
Thanks for the help!

Ps. I’ve got the StudioLive series 3 32

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answered Sep 24, 2018 by benpierce (96,510 points)
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Do you mean you are coming from your computer into the Tape In on the console and the Tape In channel is clipping? Or do you mean you are trying to record from the Tape Out to your computer and your computer input is clipping?

If it's the first, turn down the volume on whatever app you are playing back from on your computer or turn down the Trim on the Tape In channel.

If It's the second, pull down your Main Fader.
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answered Oct 8, 2018 by jespertossavainen (500 points)
What I mean in when I use usb tape in playback the level channel overloads (on the red) even at minimal volume and I can get it on a normal level. I wonder why this is happening?