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How to 32.4.2ai tape out to PC USB

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asked Feb 11, 2021 in AudioBox USB by istamvct (170 points)
New to sound mixing, I own a circa 2013 StudioLive 32.4.2AI mixer console and I livestream and record services at our church.

Right now we use "tape out" to a USB converter sound card-type box. It looks old and low quality. I'd like to improve our sound quality from the actual console mixer to our PC.

We run Windows 10 64-bit. Universal Control could not find my board when run, I'm guessing because the USB input is not sufficient.

Is the AudioBox 96 a good way to use "tape out" to USB on my computer, to mix on the PC, record a local copy, and feed audio to livestream?


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answered Mar 16, 2021 by richardlombana (140 points)
Hi, we have done this by setting up two linked mixes to be left and right and routing them to USB 1 and 2.  Then on the PC you have to download and install the Presonus mixer drivers from their site.  After that you can select the studiolive as an audio source in your streaming software.  This works with vMix and OBS.  There are videos that show you how to do this from Presonus by Joe Gilder.  He uses a matrix mix but you can just send a mix if you want.  Hope that helps.