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While Recording the channel meter is bouncing but not recording and , not showing wave forms

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asked Sep 22, 2018 in Studio One 4 by RochesterDude (380 points)

Don't know where this question should go since it involves Studio One, StudioLive III board and StudioLive 32R in stage box mode. 
Setup - Have 32R AVB connected to StudioLive32 board and running latest version of Studio One.
When I plug a mic into the 32R it comes into the Studiolive board and cause a Studio One's Channel meter to bounce (while Record is activated). However when I start recording, the time line will start filling in as normal but I do not see any wave forms being  generated on the screen. I do not have Auto Punch engaged. Turn up monitors all the way but nothing is there. It's acting like it's recording but nothing is being printed. Hope I'm just doing something dumb... Thanks

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