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Link GAIN when paired

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asked Sep 24, 2018 in Recording Interface Series Feature Requests by wardweis (480 points)
I hope once the GAIN of the pre-amps become linked too as channels are paired in stereo


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answered Oct 18, 2018 by AlexTinsley (924,340 points)
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Thank you for the feature request. 

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answered Sep 13, 2020 by wardweis (480 points)
edited Sep 13, 2020 by wardweis

I like to reformulate my request …

I had to do a (classic) recording last week and encountered some problems again with the stereo linking …
Actually is isn’t a linking … it links the faders and that’s all …
Gain and DSP’s aren’t linked at and all they stay separate settings as Left & Right

I use paired microphones combined as XY, AB, MS …
The parameters for those channels must stay paired to make the workflow ease …
Today I have to do this Left & Right channel by channel although they are linked … really enjoying and dangerous …

Therefore my request … please make the stereo linking in UNIVERSIAL CONTROL a real full stereo linking* … or an option in the setting so for those who doesn’t need it or like to struggle with it.

* all channel parameters ( gain, HP, gate, expander, compressor, EQ, ... ) except the phase button !

sorry, no voting ... it's a must have ..



( to inform: my RME UCX, MOTU traveler, ****smiley****XR18 do a decent stereo linking )

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answered Dec 19, 2020 by erhardschwenk (2,090 points)

After playing around with a newly bought 32SX, the whole thing with Stereo on that Mixers and UC Surface seems to be completely disfunctional to me, at least completely unintuitive.

Seems to have no Balance Control on Stereo Aux Inputs and Outputs and none on Main Output.  No linked gain, no linked routing. Subgroup Busses have Panning link Options, but no Stereo link Control at all. No Balance Control and no Balance link on Sends of stereo Faders?

The Manual says "first adjust Stereo Balance then Stereo width" - but there is no way to control Stereo Balance without removing Stereo Linking, is there? The Possibility of changing width is a nice addon, but Balance is much more important in most situations since many input devices give level differences between stereo channels.

PLEASE do a major Rework of all Mixers Firmware and all UC Surface Versions on that. Nowadays, it is nearly completely unusable.

Any Stereo Signal must have direct Controls for Balance. Stereo width is a nice feature but optional. Stereo Linking must (not should, must! really!)  link much more Controls than just the Faders by default. Everywhere.

Please make it possibile to have complete control over the stereo Channel with one Channel Strip on the Mixing Desk. Hide the second Channel Strip  by default, nobody needs it. It makes absolutely not a single bit of sense to waste that expensive Motorfader for nothing.  Stereo Aux Busses and Stereo FX Busses also need Balance or separate level Controls for the channels. The way it is made now, the Stereo Link Function of the Mixing desk seems to be almost competely useless.

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answered May 13, 2021 by wardweis (480 points)
hello all ...

struggling again with the stereo-linking

it's a hell as it is today, i have to take special care to keep settings for both channels the same and try therefore not to change any during the sessions ... it is as driving a car with 2 steering wheels one for the left wheel, one for the right ...

i don't call this stereo-linking it is just a stereo fader ... not more

stereo-linking is supposed to link all that is before and after that fader

- gain of the microphones
- phantom power ( no i don't use a condenser and dynamic microphone as stereo pair ... i have paid extra to have paired microphones ! )
- all dynamic & eq settings

i hope some resonable mind in PRESONUS understand this need ... it is just common practice in the pro audio world

this request don't need a vote ... it's a must !


( to inform ... my ********* XR18, my RME UCX, MOTU Traveller ... does this real stereo linking )
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answered May 14, 2021 by wardweis (480 points)


my B e h r i n g e r XR18 ( written without spaces ) becomes my ********* XR18

we live in a free world ... ins't it ?


Equipent: Sennheiser paired microphones, i7 PC, Windows 10, Reaper, Vegas, Motu, Edirol, Presonus, ********* interfaces