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Link GAIN when paired

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asked Sep 24, 2018 in Recording Interface Series Feature Requests by wardweis (350 points)
I hope once the GAIN of the pre-amps become linked too as channels are paired in stereo


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answered Oct 18, 2018 by AlexTinsley (902,800 points)
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answered Sep 13 by wardweis (350 points)
edited Sep 13 by wardweis

I like to reformulate my request …

I had to do a (classic) recording last week and encountered some problems again with the stereo linking …
Actually is isn’t a linking … it links the faders and that’s all …
Gain and DSP’s aren’t linked at and all they stay separate settings as Left & Right

I use paired microphones combined as XY, AB, MS …
The parameters for those channels must stay paired to make the workflow ease …
Today I have to do this Left & Right channel by channel although they are linked … really enjoying and dangerous …

Therefore my request … please make the stereo linking in UNIVERSIAL CONTROL a real full stereo linking* … or an option in the setting so for those who doesn’t need it or like to struggle with it.

* all channel parameters ( gain, HP, gate, expander, compressor, EQ, ... ) except the phase button !

sorry, no voting ... it's a must have ..



( to inform: my RME UCX, MOTU traveler, ****smiley****XR18 do a decent stereo linking )