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PreSonus needs BASIC piano that you can play/record correctly. No question about it. Its time. Please and Thank you.

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asked Sep 24, 2018 in Look and Feel by cherylanne (200 points)
When I open a piano, I can record if the piano is in piano roll mode. Which means the key board is side wards and can not be played very easily. If at all, after all who do you know that plays keyboards that run north/south? No one.

However, when I expand the piano. It is orientated in such a way that it looks like I am actually playing a real piano. East/west HOWEVER, when I hit the record button to record what I am playing, it will not record.

I would like to use the piano keys on my computer. using the piano keys your program has built into it. With out an extra controller. Without plugging in an extra key board. or with out plugging in an midi keyboard.

I should be able to click the notes in using the mouse, or using touch screen. I want to carry light when I travel.
There should be a way to play the keyboard in the correct position and be able to record it.

I look forward to the day when the PreSonus team can make this happen.

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