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Several VST versions instruments & FX not showing - definitely in correct location and AU versions visible...

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asked Sep 28, 2018 in Studio One 4 by Lee Kenn (290 points)
I'm currently setting up my new MBP, and have run into an issue where a small number of the 3rd party plugins I've installed are showing up as AUs but missing as VSTs. In the name of saving time I'll list the potential causes I've already ruled out below:

 - Can confirm that the plugins are definitely in my VST folder and that S1 is set to this folder (and blacklist has been reset).

 - Can confirm that the plugins in question are 64bit & that I'm running the latest 64bit S1 V4.

 - One plugin is an instrument, one is FX, they're from different developers, one uses an iLok whilst the other E-Licenser (both of these dongles are authorising multiple plugins which work fine, including the AU versions of the problematic ones). Both are from large developers.

I am in the process of reinstalling the plugins in question, but this seems unlikely to be the solution, so any suggestions or help would be greatly appreciated.


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answered Nov 13, 2021 by Scardanelli (3,180 points)
So this is still an issue, latest Sphere version of Studio One, travelling with my laptop and it's not seeing the VST versions of plugins. I've trashed the preferences, re-installed plugins etc but it still refuses to see the VST versions of SSL Native plugins, and others.

Really annoying. Have tried re-setting blacklist, all the prescribed remedies. Only Studio One does makes working on 2 machines very unpredictable. Please sort this issue Presonus.
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answered Feb 1, 2022 by Scardanelli (3,180 points)
This has been an issue with Studio One for far too long. Working on latest Sphere version.

Just setting up another Macbook and I cannot get Metric Halo VSTs to show - their channel strip is one of my favourites and as the other comments mention, it makes working across two machines entirely unpredictable. Especially as no plug in manufacturer thinks it's worth putting a tag on the plugin display so we'd know whether it was a VST or AU - sometimes on a busy project you just drag and go, and then later, when you're working on another machine, oops, no f'ing plugin. Also wish Studio One would show both VST 2 & 3 as there are problems with the preset selection in some VST3.....