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Wwise integration

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asked Sep 28, 2018 in Look and Feel by saniashedevr1 (1,180 points)
Wwise is one of the top 5 audio engines for implementation audio into games. Recently I've been talking with audiokinetik and all we (presonus) need to give studio one users opportunities to work with the game sound design engine directly just add some plugin/code that they provide absolutely for free!!! Manager just ask to write to them and they will give it.
So why don't we vote for that simple but important step for us to be close to create music and sounds for game industry without 3rd DAW.

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answered Oct 14, 2018 by anthonyphills (170 points)
I agree. I've recently started training on Wwise and it would be GREAT to have that kind of integration with Studio One 4
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answered Apr 10 by antoinegrelet (9,050 points)
Definitly ! Wwise and Fmod are both partnerships I wish see in the future of Personus. It could be so nice.