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Where is faderport.dll? - Windows 8

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asked Sep 30, 2018 in FaderPort 2018 by davemartin6 (220 points)
edited Oct 1, 2018 by davemartin6
I've installed the universal controller 2.8 and tried to install the driver.  Found both on the Presonus product page.  I've tried to find the faderport.dll on my PC but it's nowhere to be found.  So I can't force register it in the registry in order to get it in the Sonar Shared Surfaces folder. I don't have the original install disk to start from scratch.

I updated the firmware and rolled back the firmware, but, I don't think this is a firmware issue.  It's a software issue and Windows 8 compatibility issue. I'm assuming.

Faderport Classic / Window 8.1 / Sonar Producer 8

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answered Oct 1, 2018 by davemartin6 (220 points)
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Nevermind.  Problem solved.  If you're having the same issue, go to AZSlow and use the AZ Controller.  I've posted the links below.  First link is the .exe file to install.  I chose 0.5r8.  Second link is the instructions to load it into your Sonar.

Running Windows 8.1 / Sonar Producer 8 / Faderport Classic with Universal Control v2.8.0.48221 installed.  Firmware 1.45

Took me five minutes and I was done.  Works like a charm now.  And there was much rejoicing...;cat=2,163.0.html

Also; here's a link on the cakewalk forum that sheds a little more light.