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Studio One 4.1 Pro freezing after 10 seconds of playback on 1 song

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asked Oct 4, 2018 in Studio One 4 by davebeauclerr (840 points)
edited Oct 4, 2018 by davebeauclerr
Recently updated to Studio 4.1 from 4.0 and now one of my tracks is freezing after 10 seconds of playback. Before playing I can use both vst instruments I have loaded with no problems and I can repeatedly play and stop the track anywhere for ~5 seconds with no problems. It will also crash if I play 10 seconds in the empty space after the end of my track.

It's only doing it on the one song and I'm not using any effects here that I'm not using in my other tracks. It's not a particularly complex track compared to some of my others. There's no overloading. CPU is not going past 20% and SSD is barely showing use.

The annoying thing is, the track is done and I just have to do a mixdown - which only does the first 10 seconds then crashes. I can't even bounce stems.

Hardware: Intel i7 4GHz; 32GB Ram; RME Madiface; UAD-2 Satellite USB3
Win 10 Pro
SO4 Pro
Melodyne Studio 4.2
HALion Sonic SE
UAD / Slate Digital / NI / Waves / Izotope / Presonus plugins

I've tried turning off all inserts / mix fx / vst instruments (just off, not removing).
After playback has stopped I can still toggle the play button (lights green/grey) for a short while but nothing happens. I then have to force close Studio One from the Task Manager.

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answered Oct 4, 2018 by davebeauclerr (840 points)
selected Oct 4, 2018 by davebeauclerr
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Rolling back Melodyne Studio to v4.1 has solved the issue for now. Doing a clean re-install to v4.2 brought the problem back. I've contacted Celemony about the bug.
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answered Jan 11, 2020 by shawnmichael2 (170 points)
I'm having the exact same issue, very frustrating!